Month: November 2019

  • Best selling rap albums of all time

    Maybe you’re living with an illness but you still want to get out and tour so you can meet your fans. Maybe you gave up music for years and are […]

  • National endowment for the arts

    “Perfect”: The pre-chorus section here does something fun, changing up about half the lyrics to make it kind of like a pre-chorus/verse hybrid type thing. I can’t remember when I’ve seen […]

  • Rappers with felonies

    Imagine for a moment the Library of Congress. It’s the largest collection of books and documents in the world, all perfectly categorized. Imagine, one morning, a group of people go […]

  • Music scholarships in india

    But, your live setup may also have to do with convenience, especially if you tour consistently and frequently. Famed guitarist and composer Kaki King found that the specificities of a new […]

  • Photography grants 2018

    When Houston’s song focuses on notes 1, 3, and 5, it’s focusing on the notes that rank highest in what music theorists call the “tonal hierarchy.” Hughes describes it as such: “The […]

  • Donate musical instruments chicago

    Kenneth Estrada y Santiago is a producing songwriter, musician, and YouTuber, based in Berlin, Germany. In his YouTube channel, SHOEGAZER he reviews effect pedals, teaches guitar chords and interviews weller […]

  • Grants for community bands

    I started doing these critiques to solve the practical problems of grading my classes in a meaningful way, and of keeping my early morning sections from staring silently at me […]

  • Music education grants for nonprofits

    In his new book Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise, which is excerpted here, Dr. Ericsson and his co-author Robert Pool argue that the best practice habits, what […]

  • Best rap albums by year

    If you’re interested in becoming a content partner, please send articles and inquiries to support(at)! By the end of this mentored six-week experience, you’ll learn how to take raw ideas […]

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