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  • Grants for college 2019

    Using the guitar fretboard as a template, music theorist Dean Olivet has redesigned harmonic notation in a colorful, intuitive methodology for learning. Your booking emails should be simple. I’ve found […]

  • National endowment for the arts film grants

    Late last year, Congress came close to rescinding the Songwriter’s Capital Gains Equity Act as part of its tax code overhaul. But fortunately, last-minute lobbying by representatives from Nashville and other songwriting […]

  • Terra exhibition grants

    Generation Hip Hop was created by the Universal Hip Hop Museum and the Africa Rising Foundation to establish a network of non-profit organizations committed to promoting hip hop culture and […]

  • Sound society beer alcohol content

    Don’t stop learning about music theory and composition just because you’re stuck on the subway! These podcasts can keep your brain active while on the go! In this climate of […]

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